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RESET capacity building consortium workshop

On June 15th, Sciences Po delivered a capacity-building session as part of WP2 – Monitoring and Evaluation. This session was aimed at enhancing the capabilities of the RESET team members and the members of the Gender Equality Boards established at RESET partner institutions, to effectively deliver structural change towards gender sensitive and inclusive research organisations.

Elaborating upon the experience and knowledge gained on the design and implementation of gender equality plans or strategies at universities through a number of EU-funded pilot initiatives, this session first provided basic definitions and an overview of the gender inequalities and bias at play in the academia. Covering issues such as horizontal and vertical segregation or the unequal access to resources and international mobility, it also introduced the notions of (unconscious) gender bias and gender biased research, supported with examples from a variety of fields. Yet the primary objective of this activity, was to highlight that structural change for gender equality in the academia is a step-by-step process, which requires a certain number of conditions to be met to achieve sustainable results. Key success drivers, and more specifically the role of (self-)monitoring and evaluation were thus emphasised, encouraging participants to draw their own impact pathways to change, so as to forecast how RESET inputs would, in practice, deliver expected results and outcomes.

This WP2 activity thus evidenced the formative evaluation carried out by Sciences Po as part of RESET, by which implementing universities shall be equipped with references and background knowledge to support the design of their gender equality plans, also from the perspective of monitoring and evaluation.

reset capacity building workshop
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