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Garraio, Carolina; Freitas, Jorge Peixoto; Magalhães, Sara; Matias, Marisa

Work-Life Conflict Among Higher Education Institution Workers' During COVID-19: A Demands-Resources Approach Journal Article

In: Frontiers in Sociology, vol. 7, pp. 856613, 2022.

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Magalhães, Sara Isabel; Freitas, Jorge Peixoto; Garraio, Carolina; Matias, Marisa

Co-designing equality: RESET project at U.Porto Miscellaneous


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Relevant Publications


Fatourou, Panagiota; Papageorgiou, Yota; Petousi, Vasiliki

Women are needed in STEM: European policies and incentives Journal Article

In: Communications of the ACM, vol. 62, no. 4, pp. 52–52, 2019.

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Fatourou, Panagiota; Hankin, Chris; Knowles, Bran

Gender Bias in Automated Decision Making Systems Journal Article

In: Endorsed by the ACM Europe Technology Policy Committee, 2019.

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