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Foresight Workshop

About Foresight

The first two decades of the second millennium have emphatically shown that we need to prepare for the non-preparable, and we need to foresee the unforeseen. The world is changing rapidly and in greater levels of complexity, thus quick reaction and resilient strategies are a necessity for businesses and policymakers.

National governments and other organisations as well as whole industrial sectors need to anticipate future developments to be prepared for them. And while it is relatively easy to prepare for short-term linear changes, longer-term shifts in the socio-technical system and the impacts of the exponential technological disruptions are harder to cope with and are regarded as the “black hole of strategy”.

This is the reason why strategic foresight is in vogue today, as it is a sound approach to support the longer-term anticipation of alternative futures and for triggering responses to them.

The Foresight Workshop

The foresight workshop will have a dual role. On the one side will introduce participants to foresight methodologies and on the other will provide the opportunity to explore alternative European futures about the challenge of gender equality.

Participants will explore possible, dystopian or utopian futures and will explore the challenges of gender equality in research.

Total Duration - 3hrs

Introduction: 20min
Hands-on Session: 150min
Reflection: 10min

Connection with the RESET project and its objectives ​

The foresight workshop will contribute towards a better understanding of the future challenges towards inclusion and gender equality in research, and highlight possible mitigation policies.

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The workshop is in line with several project objective, and especially:

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