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7-8 October 2024 - University of Porto

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At a glance

During an inspiring four-year journey, seven large multidisciplinary universities from all over Europe delved into groundbreaking research, passionately engaging at both local and national levels to confront the intricate challenge of Gender Equality in Research Institutions from a diversity perspective. They designed and implemented a user-centered, impact-driven, and inclusive vision of scientific excellence. The final conference will showcase the outcomes of four years scientific actions in 6 different European countries and present various aspects of research and case studies in social fields to:

Become a part of the journey toward inclusivity and equitable excellence. We invite all researchers to contribute to the path of change through their studies and scientific fields of interest.

Programme Themes

Gender Equality – Intersectionality in various scientific fields

By fostering an inclusive environment, the scientific community can benefit from a broader range of perspectives and ideas, leading to more robust and impactful research outcomes.
How science, technology and policy making can contribute to that?

Sustainability & Impact of RESET results

What is the impact of an EU-funded project on the academic community? Which are the actions to guarantee continuity and the involvement of the stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle?

Scientific Excellence

Achievements and contributions in the field of science should be recognized and valued without any consideration of an individual’s gender. How can institutions secure a safe and equal environment for the academic community encouraging their development to excellence?


Why Participate

This is your opportunity to contribute to building a stronger future in an inclusive institutional environment with equal career opportunities for the academic community members.

Who can Participate

Researchers, practitioners, stakeholders within academia and industry, teachers, and students who are all passionate about gender equality, envisioning a human-centric, inclusive, and diversity-respectful approach to intersectional gender equality.

Important Dates

Abstract Submission

Extended Deadline: May 31, 2024
Author Notification: Jun 2024

Conference Launch

Launching date - Oct 7th 2024

The Conference launches in

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