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RESET Dissemination and Communication Plan, including links to Zenodo collection, website and dedicated pages on each partner institution website

The current document constitutes the 3rd version of the Dissemination and Communication Plan of the EU funded project “RESET – Redesigning Equality and Scientific Excellence Together” (GA number 101006560).
RESET is a Horizon 2020 Coordination and support action aiming to address the challenge of Gender Equality in Research Institutions in a diversity perspective, with the objective to design and implement a user-centered, impact-driven and inclusive vision of scientific excellence.
The 1st version of the document outlined the overall dissemination and communication strategy of the project, defined the target audiences and described the channels and methods to be used to achieve the maximum outreach of the project activities and results. In addition, it provided guidance on the implementation of the dissemination strategy by the project partners and clarified the roles and responsibilities in this regard. Furthermore, it established a monitoring framework and set specific KPIs to track the performance of the strategy to make the necessary adjustments when necessary.
The 2nd version of the report included the progress made from M3 (March 2021) to M9 (September 2021).
The 3rd version of the current report includes updates regarding the communication and dissemination channels and planned activities e.g. RESET community creation at the platform of Zenodo, inclusion of podcasts etc. It also reports the progress made from M3 (March 2021) to M15 (March 2022).
RESET’s dissemination and communication plan will be updated every six (6) months.

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