On the occasion of the International Womens Day – 8th March, RESET project is pleased to present the online campaign “Digital Wings”. Digital Wings is a digital presentation of the collaborative work coming by the synergy between Bordeaux Metropole, Universite de Bordeaux and the creative studio “Croc en Jambe” – a collective of authors of comic books established in Bordeaux in 2006.

The aim of this collaborations is to demonstrate sexism and bias that persist in the field of digital development and artificial intelligence, as well as almost a total lack of women and its outcomes.

This comic booklet has been inspired by a book of Aude Bernheim and Flora Vincent (2019): “L’intelligence artificielle, pas sans elles!” (“Artificial intelligence: not without women”).

This work relies on a set of results that bring to light bias, perpetuation of stereotypes and theis consequences.

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