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A playful approach to understand gender inequalities and discrimination in career paths

On the 23rd of September, Ninon Junca visited Montserrat Botey and Hélène Perrivier in Paris to test together the board game developed by the UBx RESET team “Catch me if you can”. This game aims at representing inequalities in university careers depending on the social characteristics such as gender, origin, (dis)ability or age. The game consists of a board that represents the career path. Each player embodies one of 10 characters (woman/man/non-binary, staff member/teacher-researcher/doctoral student,…). Each character has specific advantages or is confronted to specific obstacles depending on their social characteristics. Those characteristics will have an impact on the career path of the character during the game.

The test of this game was embedded in the framework of Sciences Po’s task on experimental evaluation. Both ScPo and UBx teams spent a really nice day playing together and discussing around occupational equality.

Catch me if you can RESET board game

This game acknowledges gender inequalities in careers at the university (areas 1 & 2 of GEP) and was developed in the aim of implementing action 1 (thematic area 3) and action 4 (thematic area 4) on awareness-raising and training of managers on gender equality, gender-based violence and discrimination.

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