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Gender related data monitoring in AUTh and Gender Impact Assessment Protocol promotion by the Research Committee

On 11/2/2023 the Vice Rectorship of Research and Lifelong Learning of AUTh launched a tool to collect and monitor institutional data regarding gender integration in Research.

The tool is hosted at the official webpage of the Research Committee of AUTh and provides also information about the Gender Equality Plan of AUTh and its strategic objectives as well as includes all the hands-on guidelines and material developed by RESET project to provide information to researchers to raise awareness and guide towards gender mainstreaming in their research.

The page can be accessed following the link below:

This action is part of the activities and measures foreseen in AUTh GEP under objectives A1.3 “Configure the AUTh IT systems to improve the data collection for each gender, especially for the prioritised areas of the GEP, in order to monitor its progress and assess” and B.2.1. “Promote gender mainstreaming and the cross-thematic approach to gender in research content and in the formation of gender-balanced and inclusive research teams”

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