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Redesigning Work-Life Balance in Academic Communities

The further development of measures that enable the reconciliation of work and private life are at the center of RESET – a project that is dedicated to the gender- and diversity-equitable design of academic life and scientific excellence.

European universities face significant challenges in balancing work in academia, studies, and family life. The demanding nature of academic careers often leads to long hours and high pressure, making it difficult for staff and students to manage their professional responsibilities alongside family commitments. Additionally, the lack of flexible working arrangements and adequate childcare support exacerbates the situation. These challenges are particularly pronounced for early-career researchers and students, who often struggle to find a sustainable balance.

Addressing these issues requires comprehensive policies that promote flexible work schedules, parental leave, and supportive family services to create an inclusive and equitable academic environment.

With this event, we invite all interested members of European universities and in particular RESET universities to discuss with us how the further development of concepts of so-called work-life balance at universities should be organized.

Significantly, in the context of work-life balance and the reconciliation of family and career, it is primarily questions of motherhood that are being discussed. However, we would also like to focus on the role of men, of fathers, in relation to questions of reconciling family and career in the academic workplace and will devote special attention to this in this event.

The interactive event is aimed at employees, students, doctoral candidates and academics alike.


Jun 18th, 2024 (11.00-13.00 CET)







11:00-11:30 Introduction and Overview – WLB in European Academia and Questions around co-parenting and active Fatherhood.
11:30-12:00 Insights from RESET – Panel Discussion with RESET-Partners
12:00 – 12:45 Exchange and Discussion with the Audience
13:00 End of Session

Redesigning Work-Life Balance in Academic Communities
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