MAY 27th 2024

Open-ended co-creation hackathon

Bring your ideas

Help solve Gender-equality problem in Research

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Welcome to the RESET Project Hackathon!

The “Gender Responsive Excellence” Hackathon is realized in the framework of the H2020 RESET Project. We believe that diversity and inclusion are not just buzzwords but essential components of driving meaningful change and progress in our world.

Join us for our Open Innovation Hackathon, where we invite you to bring your ideas to life in a collaborative environment. This isn’t your typical Hackathon – it is a co-creation one-day event where participants work together exploring new opportunities and tackling problems that you address first. This hackathon is open to all genders and/or other minority groups.

Pick an issue of gender inequality that you care to solve the most! Remember that the key is to create a solution that is innovative, impactful, and feasible. *

*  e.g. Develop gender-responsive solutions to address challenges, such as Gender gap in technology, Inclusiveness/Intersectionality in research, Female leadership in research, Promotion of Gender Equality in the STEM field, etc.

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Why Participate

Bring your ideas, collaborate, build skills and develop a prototype which will advance gender equality in research & innovation

Who can Participate

Researchers and students

Important Dates

Submit your idea & team

Deadline: May 25, 2024
Through Registration form

Hackathon Launch

Launching date - May 27th 2024

Our Hackathon Objectives

Raise Awareness

Show the importance of gender equality parameter in research & innovation globally

Promote inclusivity

Create an opportunity for underrepresented groups to contribute with their unique ideas and perspectives


Empower students in research by providing them with resources and material related to project thinking & especially gender equality factor consideration and mentorship

Collaborate & skills Building

Facilitate collaboration between diverse participants to create innovative solutions and present them

Generate tangible outcomes

Encourage and foster the development of a prototype that contributes to advancing gender equality in research and innovation


Promote sustainability by fostering on-going dialogue and collaboration beyond the event

What sets our Hackathon apart?

Open-ended format

No predetermined challenges  – you are free to work on whatever inspires you most (regarding the basic theme)


Whether you have a fully developed project or just a spark of an idea, we provide you the space to bring it to life and collaborate with others


Work alongside with fellow participants with diverse skills and backgrounds


Guidance and feedback from experiences mentors


Connect with like-minded innovators and expand your network

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