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The University of Porto (U.Porto) was officially founded in 1911, after the implementation of the portuguese republic, although its existence goes back to the XVIII century. During its history, U.Porto has gone through significant historical marks, such as an authoritarian regime that lasted between 1926 and 1974. Currently, it is formed of 18 Organic Unites (OU), of which 14 are faculties (some are self-governed and have scientific, pedagogic, administrative and financial autonomy) and 4 are Autonomous Services that ensure functions performed at a central level. U.Porto also has 49 research units, including associated labs.

GEP's Strategic Objective

University of Porto actively seeks to be a plural and inclusive institution, promoting equality and equity and condemning all acts of discrimination, harassment or prejudice. It also envisions to transpose its Constitutive Entities’ talent and innovation into society and contributing to a more just and equal society.
The Gender Equality Plan of the University of Porto sought to include measures and actions that promote equality in an integrated manner, considering the particularities of each Constitutive Entity.

GEP's Thematic areas and prioritized fields

Priority Fields

A1 Integrate the gender dimension in the decision-making processes at all operational levels of the University

A2 Mainstream and monitor the integration of gender issues

A3 Adopt a gender-equal leadership

B1 Attract men and women to scientific areas where each gender is less represented

B2 Promote equal opportunities in the recruitment processes

B3 Foster equal opportunities in career progression processes

B4 Promote the equal access of all U.Porto’s workers to work-life reconciliation measures

C1 Integrate the dimensions of gender and diversity in research

C2 Integrate the dimensions of gender and diversity in knowledge transfer activities

D1 Maintain an active role in integrating the dimensions of gender equality and diversity in institutional communications

D2 Promote equality, equity and diversity in academic and cultural events

D3 Strive for respect for diversity in U.Porto’s Community

Gender Equality Plans


Download the GEP file in English language.



Download the GEP file in the Portuguese language.


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