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The University of Bordeaux was established after the fusion that took place on September 3, 2013, while its history goes beyond centuries (572 years) after its original foundation in 1441. Today, the University of Bordeaux is ranked among the top French universities for the quality of its education and research. It is a multidisciplinary, research-focused, international institution which leads an ambitious development program with its partners to further promote Bordeaux as a “Campus of Excellence”. The University of Bordeaux counts more than 54,000 students (including 7.200 international students) and nearly 3.300 teachers and researchers (including 800 foreign researchers), and addresses more than 50 research fields in science and technology, life sciences and health, humanities and social sciences.
The academic excellence of the University of Bordeaux was once again recognized in 2016 by the renewal of its Idex label, a status first awarded in 2011 as part of the “Initiatives for Excellence” call for projects organized under the aegis of the Future Investment Program (PIA). Idex is a program of investments supporting the ongoing transformation of the University of Bordeaux, with a focus on top-tier research, innovative educational work and knowledge transfer. 

GEP's Strategic Objective

The Gender Equality Plan of the University of Bordeaux aims to enable the institution to rise to contemporary societal challenges, maintaining its commitment to excellence with the utmost respect for its staff and users, championing their contributions while combatting discrimination in all its forms. This GEP is designed to support the progressive, lasting creation of a culture of gender equality at the University of Bordeaux.

GEP's Thematic areas and prioritized fields

Priority Fields

  • Ensure that job offers are written in a manner which makes all potential candidates feel recognized.
  • Guarantee the absence of discrimination in all recruitment processes
  • Present career advancement opportunities in a transparent manner
  • Create an environment conducive to a better work-life balance
  • Encourage staff to make more use of available tools for managing their work life balance
  • Develop actions encouraging women to pursue careers in research
  • Calculate and publish pay gaps, to help drive them down
  • Demonstrating institutional commitment to equality, drawing upon and disseminating official documents.
  • Promote the co-designing of equality and diversity actions, with the involvement of university stakeholders
  • Helping teaching and research staff to better manage and balance their working hours between their research functions and their teaching responsibilities
  • Implement measures conducive to a more balanced representation of women and men in decision-making posts
  • Obtain robust data regarding potential forms of intersectional discrimination faced by university staff
  • Study the welcome and support extended to doctoral and post-doctoral researchers
  • Work with European networks promoting diversity
  • Ensure that managers are able to strike the right balance between their personal and professional lives
  • Εducate and inform the entire university community on matters of equality and diversity
  • Raise awareness of the need to take gender and diversity into consideration in the way we teach and work, and the events we host
  • Producing content addressing gender issues in our teaching
  • Develop and disseminate tools to help the academic community take gender into consideration in their research and teaching
  • Mobilizing laboratories on matters of equality
  • Promote the key role played by all research, teaching and BIATSS staff in developing the university’s research and scientific excellence
  • Obtain a clearer picture of the funding gap between women and men
  • Track the proportion of women and men pursuing academic careers after completing doctoral studies
  • Ensure awareness across the university community of our zero-tolerance policy on sexist and sexual violence and discrimination
  • Facilitate reporting procedures and encourage victims to make use of the CDVHS
  • Continue our efforts to communicate in a manner that promotes equality and the fight against discrimination

Gender Equality Plans


Download the GEP file in English language.



Download the GEP file in French language.


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