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Challenges of Inclusive Teaching – ENLIGHT Teaching and Learning Conference

A workshop discussing challenges of “Integrating gender and diversity dimension in teaching content and methodologies” was organized by the RESET team in the framework of the ENLIGHT Teaching & Learning Conference (University of Bordeaux). The co-design session gathered students, PhD candidates, academics and administrative staff.

This participation connected RESET with representatives of other universities members of the ENLIGHT (European University Alliance), as well as enabled sharing of best practices and recommendations. The workshop was created on the basis of the content of the RESET training toolbox, which will be soon available for the large audience.

ENLIGHT Teaching and Learning Conference

This action is linked with several actions of the GEP, namely “Informing the university community about GIA tools”, “Sharing RESET tools and results”, “Taking part in meetings between local, national and European stakeholders”, and WP4 training contents.

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