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Reimagine Work-Life Balance in Academia


25th of October, 10-13:00 CET


via Zoom or Faculty of Philology


Join RESET and UNIC for an insightful panel discussion around the concept of Work Life Balance and its implications in academia in Europe. In this session, we follow up on the contributions negotiated in RESET’s media campaign “Faces of Campus” and its exhibition “WORK=LIFE OF CAMPUS” by members of RESET universities.

Therefore, we will explore the evolving meaning of Work-Life Balance (WLB) in the academic world. Building upon this concept, we will discuss the challenges unique to the European academic environment and the outcomes of the second edition of our campaign, where we gathered valuable insights. Care responsibilities are frequently unequally distributed, often leading women-parents to opt for part-time work. Despite the availability of family leave for men in most EU countries, the uptake among fathers in academia remains significantly lower than that of their female counterparts (LERU, 2020).

The panel discussion will delve into the underlying reasons for this imbalance and elucidate its far-reaching consequences.

We will seek to answer the crucial question: What must change, and what voices from individuals with care responsibilities have to contribute to this vital conversation? Join us hybrid in this discussion as we work together to envision a more equitable and sustainable academic landscape.

Format – Hybrid

The event will take place hybridly at Lodz University and via Zoom.

The on-site meeting will be held at the University of Lodz in the Council Room of the Faculty of Philology (A5) at 10.00-13.00 CET.

Online registration

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Reimagine Work-Life Balance in Academia
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