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Toolbox for gender-neutral, diversity-oriented institutional communication (updated version)

RESET’s Toolbox for gender-neutral and diversity-oriented Communication (D5.4) was updated this summer and is now available in the new, expanded version.

The update includes a new chapter on diversity in communication, with a focus on non-discriminatory communication in relation to anti-racism, dealing with disability and LGBTQIA+.

Three tools have also been added to the toolbox:

Tool#6: Using pronouns as tools for inclusion

Tool#7: Template for guidelines on gender-inclusive, gender neutral and diversity-oriented communication

Tool#8: Template for a workshop to raise awareness on gender-inclusive and diversity-oriented institutional communication

In addition, the commented link collection (Tool#9) now includes helpful links to other guidelines and toolkits on anti-racism, disability-inclusive event facilitation, and other related topics.

About the Toolbox

The Toolbox, developed by RUB, is a work-in-progress and closely interwoven with the ongoing work of RESET project. Therefore, the update (2023) contains new elements and tools, based on the further developments of practices and measures that foster inclusive communication at RESET universities. With the toolbox, RESET aims to contribute to the further development of gender- and diversity-responsive communication at our universities. The toolbox focuses on spoken, written language as well as on visual representation of gender and diversity. All tools are designed to question established forms of communication in universities and to transfer impulses for more inclusive communication into practice.

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