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University of Lodz

About The University of Lodz was established in 1945 and has a long history of beingone of the leading academic institutions in Poland. It is an institution dedicated to research and education. It is one of the biggest universities in Poland comprising 12 faculties ranging in profile from humanities through social sciences to hard and […]

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University of Porto

About The University of Porto (U.Porto) was officially founded in 1911, after the implementation of the portuguese republic, although its existence goes back to the XVIII century. During its history, U.Porto has gone through significant historical marks, such as an authoritarian regime that lasted between 1926 and 1974. Currently, it is formed of 18 Organic

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University of Bordeaux

About The University of Bordeaux was established after the fusion that took place on September 3, 2013, while its history goes beyond centuries (572 years) after its original foundation in 1441. Today, the University of Bordeaux is ranked among the top French universities for the quality of its education and research. It is a multidisciplinary,

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