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Support activities for Ukrainian students and academics in RESET Universities

RESET project unequivocally condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which has led to armed conflict and a humanitarian crisis in Europe. RESET project expresses its full solidarity with those who suffer, the refugees, and displaced populations.

All RESET team members acknowledge the efforts of their institutions to welcome Ukrainian students and researchers in the best possible conditions, in particular those of the University of Łódź, a member of the RESET consortium whose country is at the forefront of solidarity with Ukraine. We warmly welcome the joint initiatives of Ukrainian, Russian and other international students in favour of peace deployed in most of RESET participating universities.

Given the gender, political, and scientific issues that are related to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, RESET project aims at promoting and supporting the organisation of conferences and/or workshops on a voluntary basis addressing the gendered dimension of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, in accordance with the objectives of the Horizon Europe programme and RESET project for mainstreaming gender in research.

All Universities that are part of the RESET consortium have set up specific relief actions to support Ukrainian scholars and students. The main actions per partner and links to the specific institutional pages are listed below:

Links Ubx :

News page related to the situation

“PAUSE” programme for Ukrainian researchers

A “Ukraine cell”, coordinated by the university presidency, has been established in order to identify and secure the students present in the conflict zone. Measures to prepare the future reception of Ukrainian students are taken at the national level and the University of Bordeaux is involved in this process. The contact email is

A series of events: “Les vendredis de l’Ukraine”: les spécialistes font le point” (Ukraine Fridays: experts provide updates”):

Links U.Porto:
An internal email was sent to all workers informing that University of Porto is committed with the European University Association Statement on Ukraine:

Links UOULU:

Links Sciences Po:és/les-femmes-dans-les-conflits-armes-les-mecanismes-du-patriarcat-en-temps-de-guerre/7137és/sciences-po-se-mobilise-face-a-la-situation-en-ukraine-0/7112és/guerre-en-ukraine-sciences-po-apporte-un-eclairage-scientifique/7122

Links University of Lodz (UL website dedicated to assistance to Ukrainian students, their families and scholars) (Rector’s statement) (Senate’s statement) (UL Council’s statement) (Academic community’s statement) (Scholarships for Ukrainian scholars)

Links Ruhr University Bochum: (“An attack on all of us”: The RUB Rectorate speaks out on the attacks on Ukraine) (here, RUB offers information and support for students, researchers in particular, and help in general)

Links AUTh (to be updated within the next days with more actions):

Fellowships to Ukrainian students to participate in the 6th Thessaloniki International Media Summer Academy
An initiative from Datalab, AUTh to create a platform for analying and visualizing data related to the war between Ukraine and Russia, by collecting data from Twitter platform:

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