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Joana Maria Abrantes – Head of the Faculty of Sciences at the Research, Technology and Innovation Support Service UPorto

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joana maria abrantes

I am the Head of the Faculty of Sciencies of the University of Porto (FCUP) Research, Technology and Innovation Support Services, I coordinate support for RD&I activities, namely the scientific community’s participation in projects, programs, networks and knowledge valorization.

Which aspects of your work/function do you appreciate the most?

To have the opportunity to support the innovation ecosystem of FCUP in its multiple aspects.

What do you consider as the most important impacts of your work (e.g. for science, for the scientific community, or for your team)?

I would highlight as an impact of the work we do the attraction of competitive research and innovation funding, allowing the creation of scientific jobs and the development of R&D activities.

What would your ideal workday look like?

With the news of many approved funding of FCUP professors and researchers.

How would you define scientific excellence? What is scientific excellence for you?

Scientific excellence is quality and impact in the production of scientific knowledge.

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