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Penny Partakelidou – Head of the Directorate of Administrative Affairs & Publications Department, EPICUR AUTh Communication Team AUTH

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penny partakelidou

I graduated from the School of Journalism and Mass Media Studies of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and later I completed a Master’s degree in Mass Communications in Leicester University (UK).
I work at AUTh for more than 20 years and during this time I served from several posts, such as the Erasmus office, the Telloglion Foundation of Art and as head of the Public Relations Department.
In 2019 I was appointed my current post as head of the Directorate of Administrative Affairs and the Publications Department and I also joined the communication team of the EPICUR – European Universities Alliance project.
The majority of the functions and projects that I took over were in the area of communication, dissemination and events management. My working experience in several posts offered me a wide knowledge of the University and of its people. The mission is to maintain and evolve the already highly appreciated University’s brand name by promoting the visible and the not so visible aspects of AUTh’s identity: education, research, culture. The vision, the role and the contribution of the University has to be constantly communicated both to university members (students, researchers, academic and administrative staff) as well as to the community and the stakeholders.
My current post at the Directorate of Administrative Affairs was a challenge that highlighted another aspect, sometimes under-estimated or taken for granted, still crucial for the seamless function of any organization. Among our current projects is the mapping of administrative processes and the preparation of written manuals, the standardization and digital management of administrative documents and the digitalization of the university archives.

Which aspects of your work/function do you appreciate the most?

Working for the University never gets boring! The dynamic, constantly evolving working environment is an opportunity for professional and personal growth.
Even more, networking and connecting with others, internal – University members and stakeholders, for the implementation of the various projects is what I consider to be challenging.

What do you consider as the most important impacts of your work?

Contributing to the improvement of the services provided to our public as well as of the working conditions is what I consider as a positive impact.
In addition, working close and contributing to young people (students, young researchers) is what I consider as one of the most important and rewarding aspect of my work.

Do you think appreciation is important at work? And in which form?

Appreciation is a vital element for the cultivation of team spirit which contributes to the creation of a pleasant and productive working environment. Appreciation and team spirit can function as motives for more effort and better quality of the produced work.

What aspects of your workplace do you perceive as supportive in order to be motivated?

As mentioned above, team spirit is a motivating factor creating better working conditions. When in terms of my experience in the University, there were several times that working with a good team led us to successful projects.
Another aspect that I perceive as supportive, is the opportunities that we are given from AUTh for training (seminars, workshops), an element that contributes to my professional and personal growth.

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